#280 Super-Supreme Figure 34" tall. $395.00

 This bright-eyed fella is built with all the features listed in the right margin.

(I brushed his hair into a bit of a "cow-lick", but it can be easily restyled.)

#279 Super-Supreme Figure 34" tall. $395.00

Built with all the features listed in the right hand margin.


Red Bird #280 One-of-a-Kind!

#280 "Red Bird" is a true ventriloquist "figure" in construction and operation.  Hollow body, with head on headpost.  Mouth is operated from a lever mounted on the headpost.  Head tilts, nods, and turns full circle.  (Head is removable)

  WINGS FLAP (individually or together) by pulling control cord within the body.

19" tall, stands alone.  After seeing these photos, I feel he needs a "tuft of tail" of some sort - I will add that.

He's one-of-a-kind, built so I could "spread and stretch my wings" a bit as figure maker.  At this point I have no pre-determined price. Make offer. 

(Completed Oct. 2012)